Boston to Provincetown Car & Limousine Service
Boston to Provincetown Car & Limousine Service

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Boston to Provincetown Car & Limousine Service

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Boston to Provincetown Car & Limousine Service

Boston To Provincetown Car and Limousine Service

Have you been looking for a Boston to Provincetown, MA car and limo service? Well, if your plan is to tour the Cape Cod area why on Earth would you subject yourself to a tour bus program when you can skip all of that and travel in the comfort and style of one of our limos? Boston Executive Limo Service is here to help you! We are leaders in airport limousine transportation industry and glad to provide you the best car services is possible. Our customer service working 24/7 for you! If you travel from Boston Logan airport to any points of Cape Cod, we are the best choose for Boston car and limousine services provider! Let’s look at that for a second. A bus tour has a set itinerary. Our limos don’t. A bus tour has a certain time frame to get you to your destinations like something crazy like in the early morning. With our limo service you can sleep in and take a trip to Provincetown whenever you feel like it. Plus, when you tour with us, you get to see things that may not be part of a “sponsored” tour event.

Here’s a list of some of the sights you need to have on your trip itinerary:

1. Cape Cod National Seashore

There are 43,000 acres of beachfront, woods and ponds in this protected area located 99 Marconi Site Road, Wellfleet. It was originally designated as such by John F. Kennedy back in 1961. It has since become the must-see stop on your Boston to Provincetown trip, if you can get the tour guide to slow down enough that you can see it as the bus whizzes by. At least in one of our limos you don’t have that problem. Why not stop and spend some time hiking the dunes?

2. Race Point Lighthouse

There is something really interesting about lighthouses. You can see them from the Boston to Provincetown ferry or you could do it the best way possible by adding it to the list of spots to visit when you take one of our limos for a ride in the region. This 200-year old lighthouse is well worth the stop even if only to say you did. Hey, you don’t even have to fret about traffic or any of that stuff because you’ll have a driver. Yeah, we chuckled at that as well. Imagine telling the folks back home that your holiday was a blast because you had a driver!

3. Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch

If gazing at other mammals is your thing, you have got to include a trip out to the coastal waters of New England in a whale watching ship. You’ll even get a chance to sneak in a fairly decent look at the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary because it just happens to be on the way out to where the whales like to hang out. You’ll have a whale of a time (we were saving that) and the sanctuary will be where you’ll likely spot other interesting mammals including finback whales, dolphins, pilot whales and porpoises. Please note, Flipper has left the building!

4. Stroll Down Commercial Street

All this talk about hiking and walking and watching giant fish float, swim and move about has got us thinking that the funky part of your Boston to Provincetown limo tour has got to include a stop on Commercial Street. This is where you can roam with a snack in your hand as you scour the shops and boutiques for places to warm up your credit card. You’ll find some real treasures here and you won’t hear that annoying voice from across the street yelling that you have just two more minutes to board the bus before the party comes to an end. With your own limo waiting outside, you can take as long as you need.

5. I Dream Of Gelato

Sometimes we dream of Jeannie and other times are about tasty treats. In Provincetown, MA you can’t visit without a stop at this world famous gelateria. Get a load of the names of some products: Coffee, Cookie Dough, Banana Killer and Chocolate Madness. We’d love to see one called Limo Driver but we can just keep on dreaming with that one. Regardless, with a limo you can taste as long as you want and take your sweet time. By the way, your limo driver is fond of something with fudge in it.

6. Whydah Pirate Museum

Usually, customers tell us “you had me at pirate” but it bears repeating. If you venture anywhere near Provincetown and you don’t stop at this pirate museum expect to walk the plank the next time you veer near a seagoing vessel. That includes an inflatable swimming pool toy. This is the real deal. You’ll see 300 year old coins, authentic pirate gear including pistols and possibly an eye patch or two. Wooden legs, maybe. There’s no way the average bus tour would have time for this but with our limousine service you do.

7. The Red Inn

Travelling the long, winding road across the landscape that covers real estate between Boston and Provincetown can make you mighty thirsty. The pirate museum would also add to that feeling of restlessness. Well, sitting with a view seat inside or out of this classic (built in 1805) hotel/restaurant is one of the best ways to relax and soak in the sea air before calling your trip to an end. Dine on something exotic, wash it down with something as interesting and just let the coastline show you a little extra quiet time painted with the beauty that shines forth from New England.


Our Prices and Rates for trip from Boston Logan Airport to Provincetown, MA

We are Boston best car service company, provides airport car service for inexpensive prices. Booking limo service to Provincetown from Boston Logan airport will cost you just $375 for luxury sedan like a Town Car, $495 for Executive SUV and $985 for beautiful stretch limousine.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

The only way to get on board a Boston to Provincetown Car and Limousine service is to get a hold of us right away and say that you’ve given up on tour buses and you want to ride in comfort. We get that. Its one thing to go sightseeing but it’s quite another if your last stop on your holiday is in the chiropractor’s office. Take a limo. Save your back and have the time of your life visiting some mighty fine country full of history, some folklore, and traditional. It’s all here for you to enjoy at your own pace and anytime you want to go there.

It’s about 118.3 miles and almost 2h 27min drive time from Boston Logan airport to Provincetown, MA depend of traffic and season.



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