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Boston to Woods Hole
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Advantage to Book Boston To Woods Hole Limo Service

Have you ever considered to take a Boston to Woods Hole limousine service for your sightseeing trip? Woods Hole, MA one of the impressive and memorable travel destinations in US. For example, you can travel at your own pace for example from Boston Logan airport to somewhere to Cape Cod and not have to keep up with a tour guide enforced schedule. With Boston Executive Limo Service, you will be able to travel from destination to destination in air-conditioned comfort and safety. Because, Boston Executive Limo Service the best airport car service provider and have all necessary permits and licenses to operate limousines and town car’s to and from Boston Logan airport, Woods Hole, MA and any other neighborhood area and states of New England. Plus, the seating will always be yours as there won’t be any mad rushes to board the tour bus quickly to get a good seat. Speaking of seats, with a limo you will always have a window seat. Your professional driver can take you wherever you wish to go and there’s no extra fee for that unexpected stop at the interesting looking roadside attraction that wasn’t included in the original itinerary.

Here is a list of some of the nifty places you may wish to include as part of your trip from Boston to Woods Hole, MA. You can thank us later. Tips are appreciated but if you share your experience with us with your friends, we’d really like that.

1. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Ever have the desire to learn more about what exists under the surface of the water? Well, if you choose to take a Boston to Woods Hole tour you must include a stop at WHOI. There are several exciting and educational exhibits on site. Many are interactive, and all teach about what is living underwater. You’ll even see a full-size model of Alvin. Alvin, in case you do not know, is the WHOI’s deep sea submersible. It is used for much of the research that the institute concentrates on. WHOI scientists and engineers are also on site and available to answer your questions and often offer interesting presentations.

2. Quicks Hole Tavern

C’mon, you didn’t think we were going to suggest a limo tour of Woods Hole without mentioning a place that serves food and various alcoholic beverages, did you? Remember, you are not the person behind the wheel, so you can most certainly indulge in some of the local fare. This place has a nice, relaxed atmosphere and a menu that hints at the waterfront location. Specialties include quahog chowder, grilled Angus beef burgers and a rack of lamb that is seared to perfection. Just for the heck of it, ask your limo driver to request some pig candy.

3. Pie in The Sky Café

On the offhand chance you just aren’t interested in a tavern-style meal, you can still rub elbows with the locals in Woods Hole by stopping by this funky little eatery. You can grab a cup of coffee and a croissant for the road trip back home in Boston or stay for a fast bowl of soup. Maybe it’s the place you’ll grab a sandwich to take with you or just a fistful of freshly baked cookies. There’s not a lot you can’t want once you start to sniff at the offerings at the Pie in The Sky Café. Be sure to tell your limo driver that you’ll splurge for coffee.

4. Woods Hole Science Aquarium

All this talk of seafood, chowder and such can’t be ignored and while you are in Woods Hole you must include a quick stop at the local science aquarium. You get the idea that possibly there’s something about the water around here? Well, you can see some freakin’ incredible displays of unusual sea creatures plus local fish to sort of even the playing field. There’s also the awesome display of Homarus americanus that you simply can’t walk past without thinking about dinner plans. Oh, Homarus americanus is the Latin name for lobster, in case your limo driver wasn’t sure.

5. Water Street Kitchen

Keeping with the seafood theme, Woods Hole also has a funky new addition to the main street attractions. It is this restaurant that has a whole lotta fishiness going on. However, that’s not the only thing you’ll find on the menu. There’s some of that usual restaurant food on their including upscale burgers, pork and beef choices that emphasis the higher end farm-to-table style menu. In other words, it supports the efforts of local ranchers and fish farmers and that in itself is reason enough to stop by for something on the to-go side of the menu.

6. Steamship Authority Ferry Terminal

When you are this close to any kind of watercraft, you have to stop and stare for a little while. In Woods Hole you have the luxury of staring at ferry traffic or becoming part of that ferry traffic. In your vacation don’t forget that you can easily pop over to Martha’s Vineyard from here. If you’re already this close…what’s stopping you? Remember, there’s no tour guide yelling through a megaphone saying that you can’t this time around.

Our Prices and Rates for trip from Boston Logan Airport to Wood Hole, MA

The Boston Executive Limo Service provides first -class airport limousine services for affordable prices. Your fixed price for car service from Boston Logan airport to Woods Hole, MA is $240 for luxury sedan, $295 for executive SUV and just $495 for stretch limousine. You can always apply discount coupon code “Online10” on our reservation system and take additional 10% discount!

Boston To Woods Hole Is an Adventure

Did you think we were trying to sell you on the idea of using our limo service just to cruise up and down the main street of Woods Hole? Our goal is to get you thinking about alternate modes of travel transportation. Sure, you can go the tour bus route, but you won’t be able to stop at all the places we’ve mentioned here simply because some of them are what we consider hidden treasures. In our mind, the only way to enjoy such special sites is to do it on your own schedule.

Take your time. Soak up the experience. Breathe in that sea air. Taste the seafood. Ride in comfort from here to there without any concerns about parking, fuel or whether, or not your ‘all-inclusive’ tour package includes a lunch stop at Quicks Hole Tavern. For more information on booking a limo service for your next trip from Boston to Woods Hole, MA contact us today. Our professional chauffeurs are ready to show you part of the country in a way you’ve never seen it before!

It’s about 81.9 miles and almost 2 hours’ drive time from Boston Logan airport to Woods Hole depend of traffic and season.

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