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Limo Service - A few things you need to know.

Traveling can be stressful, especially if you are traveling with your family and a lot of luggage. However, it is possible to avoid unnecessary worries if you allow Boston Executive Limo Service to help you. There are a few tips you might want to know. When booking an airport limousine, always give your cell phone number. With this number, a service can make contact if the driver misses you in the terminal. Your driver will be waiting at the bottom of the escalators in the baggage claim area in most terminals.

Limo Service - A few things you need to know.;

Just like any other airport ground transportation service, airport limos can pick up passengers at the curb. Most clients prefer to be met inside the terminal, but a curbside pickup can be arranged if you’re in a hurry.

If you’re planning a morning departure on a regional carrier such as United or Southwest, schedule an early pickup with a limo service. These airlines are exceptionally busy from 5 am on, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time.

Friday evening international departures are similar to regional carriers in the morning. If you’re taking an international flight on a Friday night, get to the airport early.

When departing, always check on your flight with If your flight is delayed, contact your limousine service and arrange a later pick-up.

Our limousine services offer a meet and greet service. When arriving, a greeter will meet you at the gate and accompany you to the baggage claim area. When your bags are retrieved, the greeter will call up the limousine, and you will be picked up at the curb. When departing, the greeter will meet your limousine at the curb with boarding passes and baggage tags in hand. The greeter will then take you to the front of the security line and accompany you to the gate.

Boston Executive Limo Service works hard to make sure all your needs are met. We guarantee that you would be satisfied with your ride.