Boston to New York Limo Service
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Boston to New York City Limousine Service

We are Glad to Provide a First-Class Private Transportation Car Services Around Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York City and All New England Areas.
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
NLA Boston Executive Limo Service BBB Business Review Boston Executive Limo Service was founded with the goal of offering our clients a higher level of safety, comfort and punctuality.
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NLA Boston Executive Limo Service BBB Business Review

Boston to New York City Limousine Service

We are Glad to Provide a First-Class Private Transportation Car Services Around Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York City and All New England Areas.
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The Benefits of Hiring Limo Service From Boston To New York City

If you commute between Boston and New York have you considered using a limo service? Sure, the word ‘limo’ may have got your attention but there are several good reasons why taking a regular limo trip between the two cities is not only sensible, it gets you to where you are going in style. Here is a list of our top reasons to use a Boston to New York limo service.

1. Taxi Cabs Serve A Different Purpose

Sure, you can hop in a cab, when one is available. They are not always on time and let’s face it, some of them are in need of a power washing on both the outside and inside. The meter is always running, even if you get stuck in traffic or behind slow moving traffic. Then there’s the smells, the sometimes language barrier and really, do you want to drive up to the office in one? Save the cab ride for those shorter trips around the city when the weather sucks and you aren’t wearing your three-piece suit to hit the grocery store and other errands.

2. The Cost Is Clear

With a limo service you will know precisely what it will cost to get you to where you are going before you even get inside. Even if the limo driver happens to take the scenic route because the traffic may be lighter you won’t be charged extra. Plus, conversation is optional and at no extra charge. After all, limo services are run as professional businesses and do not include a number of private contractors who ‘rent’ or pay for the use of the cab they have for the day.

3. Limos Are A Lot Different To Taxis

In addition to coming to pick you up instead of you waving a limo down as it passes you on the street, a limo is a well-maintained, air-conditioned vehicle designed to take you where you need to be in comfort. The windows are large enough and clean so you can just relax in the comfy seat and watch the world go by. It a nice way to get to work or home from work without the stresses related to either driving yourself or backseat driving to assist a cabbie who lost their way.

4. It Sends A Particular Message

Did we mention the fact that riding in a limo and pulling up to your office in one is pretty freakin’ classy? Well, it is. Even if you aren’t trying to set the bar higher within your circle of influence, using a Boston Executive limo service is going to do that. A broken down, beat up yellow cab will also send a message. However, it won’t be anywhere as impressive as the one sent from showing up on time in a limo. If you have been looking for a Boston to New York limo service, why not give us a call? Boston Executive Limo Service can get you to your destination in cool, comfortable and classy style. Contact us today for details.

5 Reasons to Hire a Car Service from New York to Boston

Are you traveling from New York City to Boston for a business or a special event? Why go to the hassle of driving out of the city yourself, when you can hire a car service to deal with the stress? The average commute time between NYC and Massachusetts is around four and a half hours and depends a lot on the traffic and congestion at the time of day – any way you look at it, that’s a significant amount of time.

Keeping your eyes on the road and dealing with bumper to bumper traffic as you exit the city will leave you feeling worn out by the time you arrive at your destination in Boston. How are you going to impress clients at your business meeting if you’re feeling exhausted from your trip?

Whether you’re traveling from NYC to Boston for a business function, a wedding, or you’re visiting family and friends in Massachusetts, hiring a car service will help you get to your destination without the hassle. Here are five reasons why you need to hire a car service the next time you travel from the Big Apple to Boston – or vice versa.

1. No More Distracted Driving

Spending 4-hours in a car is a challenge for anyone to handle. Keeping your eyes on the road is your top priority when driving. However, what if you’re on your way to New York City to meet a client and your boss calls you to check in on your progress? If your car doesn’t have a hands-free unit – are you going to avoid answering the call?

What if your daughter texts you while you’re on your way to the city, plummeting down the I95 at 80-miles an hour? Do you check the message – or wait for a few hours till you reach your destination? Let’s be honest, while we know we shouldn’t use our phones while driving – most of us disregard the law and do it regardless.

The chances are that you’ll pick it up your phone and start texting or chatting as you drive. In 2018, 9-deaths were occurring on the roads every day, due to distracted driving. Anytime you drive while texting or voice-calling someone – you run the risk of becoming the next statistic.

Using a Boston to NYC car service allows you to relax in the back seat of the limo and let the driver worry about the road conditions.

2. Collect Your Colleagues

You have a big meeting in the city with a client and your partners, scheduled for 4 pm. Yesterday you briefed your partners and set up a pre-meeting at 3:30 pm so you can all get your ducks in a row for the client.

After spending the morning battling traffic, you arrive in NYC at the Four Seasons for your meeting – on time and on-point. You’re feeling confident and can’t wait to impress the client – you think you’ve got this deal in the bag, all the client needs is to see the numbers on your partner's laptop, and they’ll sign without a second thought.

However, as you settle into the lobby, you notice that no-one else has yet to arrive. Ten minutes go by, and you start to stress, you pull out your phone and call your partners – they’re stuck on the turnpike in traffic, and they’re not going to make it before 5 pm. Now what? Your client needs to be out of the hotel by 5 pm – and you spent 4-hours getting to the city for this meeting – what do you do? Does this situation sound familiar? It’s a businessperson’s worst nightmare come true. The next time you plan on visiting the city with your colleagues, hire a cart service. The limo picks everyone up and takes you through to your destination, allowing you to prep in the car – and arrive on time with your entire team.

3. Avoid the Road Rage

Traffic – who needs it? Battling your way through the congestion in peak hour traffic will drive you crazy. Unfortunately, it does the same to everyone else as well. Spending time navigating the hustle and bustle of New York City’s crowded streets in your car could be better spent doing other activities – and you know it, that’s why you find yourself swearing at everyone in your way.

Avoid the road rage, frustration, and stress of driving through rush hour traffic on the way to your destination. Let a professional car service take care of the transportation, while you are relaxing the back seat and sip on a fresh latte.

4. Parking is No Problem

Driving into New York City is a pain in the neck – but if you think that’s challenging, wait until you try to find parking. NYC is one of the world’s largest, and most congested metropolises. Parking is at a premium anywhere you go in NYC, and if you think you’re going to find an open spot in the village, you’re going to be sadly disappointed when you arrive to find every place taken.

Hiring a car service saves you the time and effort of finding an open parking space – which could take longer than your journey. A professional car service drops you off right in front of the destination and collects you from the same spot.

5. Don’t Worry About Directions

We’ve all had the experience of our Google Maps or iMaps leading us to our destination, only to find that it misses the turn-off. If you're driving in downtown New York in rush hour and miss your turn, it’s going to cost you half an hour at least to get back to your starting point.

Hiring a car service comes with an experienced professional driver that knows the city like the back of their hand. The driver will get you to your destination on time, every time.

In Closing – Choose a Professional Boston to New York Car Service

By now, we’re sure you understand the comfort and convenience of hiring the best car service NYC to Boston and Boston to NYC. Choose to work with a company that has an established reputation for the best VIP service. Avoid fly-by-night companies, and choose a professional, licensed, and insured car service with friendly drivers and luxurious cars. Relax in style and comfort as you head from JFK to Boston, or Boston to the Big Apple.

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