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The Executive Alliance Security Leaders Summit Boston 2015: an Overview

The event refers to the Executive Alliance's conference in Boston, attended by senior-level executives in the technological field. This is a premier event where US technology leaders will be meeting and interacting through exclusive programs. Their purpose is to expose and understand today's complex and challenging situations in the various industries and discuss new and efficient managerial approaches. About the Executive Alliance events The Executive Alliance started these events in 2003, focusing on gathering and strengthening a community of IT executives across the United States. The guests are always from top companies and flagship programs like the aforementioned one-day Security Leaders Summit. With precious content coming from the different industries involved, the company consequently published materials like leadership books.

The Executive Alliance Security Leaders Summit Boston 2015: an Overview;

These events are known for their collaborative and very relaxed atmosphere. One of the usual main goals is understanding leadership styles and their specific challenges, learning how to create positive change based on successful leader's insights, and finding out what makes an outstanding leader. Ultimately, these meetings will have to reveal the best practices that can be applied in each industry.

This year, other Security Leaders Summits will occur in New York (September 22) and Atlanta (October 13). This year, past events were held in Dallas (March 25) and New York (May 14).

Why take part in the Security Leaders Summit?

If you are leading or managing a company, you can greatly benefit from a meeting at this level regardless of its size. Otherwise, it could be challenging to get the right contacts to propel you among the top leaders of the moment, who can freely share with you their secrets about business security aspects and growth.

Besides leader interviews and the usual presentations, guests can also participate in roundtable discussions and start networking. Vendors also present their solutions for the IT security industry.

The best IT leaders will be spending one day together, challenging and inspiring one another, sharing their experiences, insights, and solutions. These will be revolving around data loss prevention, risk management, network security, cloud solutions, and more.

Participants will know what the others are doing to prevent and eliminate risks, secure the information, and improve today's working climate within their specific industry. They will also become more aware of the existing tools and strategies, the newest ones included, to make a company's operations more secure.

What will it be about?

It's impossible to tell what this year's conference in Boston will bring. However, the basics are known and have been pretty much the same with every edition. Here are the main questions that guide the discussions:

  • What are the best current practices in the industry?
  • How good are the latest technologies?
  • Which solutions are being offered by top suppliers, and how helpful are those?
  • What experiences can we share with our peers?
  • Can we innovate, here and now?
  • Which are the new areas of opportunity?

These questions introduce topics of great importance, which the participants will discuss in detail, revealing the newest, most successful practices they have thoroughly tested. This may also turn into a prediction and analysis of upcoming trends.

This year's highlights in Boston

The Security Leaders Summit Boston will happen on September 15 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, a prime location for an event of this kind. This will be an opportunity for participants to make new connections and start collaborations with valuable peers who work within the same industry. The hosts are represented by companies of every size, as the event isn't only focused on the big ones but on the brands that succeeded.

There will be senior IT executives to interact and discover new approaches to be used in Information Security.

Also, local companies in full ascension will have their representatives talk about their challenges and the solutions that worked. The tips coming from Boston firms that succeeded could be of great interest to many.

Speaker highlights

Jigar Kadakia is one of this year's key speakers at the conference. Chief information security and privacy officer Kadakia will be starting the event by sharing his perspective on the present issues and the areas that can make a business successful. He will also be describing his officer role in detail, highlighting the evolution possibilities. He works for Partners Health care, a physician network and hospital in Boston and the biggest healthcare provider in Massachusetts.

2015 main topics

This year's conference in Boston will be focusing on CISOs (Chief Information Security Officer), their role, responsibilities, solutions, and more. What is critical now if you want to succeed? Which are the technologies that are promising for the future? These are the questions the invited CISOs will be answering and developing on. The talks will be centered on innovations, game-changing strategies, and methods to make a vision come true. The trends and their impact on businesses will also be presented accordingly. Furthermore, the conference will insist on the expanding responsibilities of leadership roles – nowadays, an organization's ascension depends on its leaders more than ever, it seems. All of these elements play an important role in moving a business forward.

The CISO toolbox talk won't be missing. This will be focused on the upcoming technologies for businesses. Information security officers will be exposing their current practices that are yielding results without tying the discussion to any specific vendors.