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Why a Limo Service Is Better than Taxi – Even than Uber!

It's been plain to see so far how Uber has taken taxi services to the next level. The efficiency and convenience made it into people's favorite way to book a ride, at whichever time of the day and night. With Black Uber Car, it has recently stepped into the luxury area.

If we are to have a look at local taxi companies, they are still making money in the business, though. All the existing transport options may make a car service seem obsolete, but the market seems favorable to these. There has actually been a surge in demand for luxury vehicles.

Why a Limo Service Is Better than Taxi – Even than Uber!;

It may be effortless to get out the phone and request a taxi. Yet, some people want more. In fact, you could be wanting more, too. The better solution for urban transportation depends, after all, on what each consumer prefers. We will see below how the various services compare and why limo services are climbing high in the charts.

The good, the bad, the ugly

As with any industry that strives to keep its prices competitive, there will be some compromising here and there. From insurance issues to annoying drivers, one can sample these problems with any ride. Not with a limo service, however! The operating standards are much stricter than anywhere else. With Uber, consumers and drivers alike are not always treated fairly. Fleet owners are known to treat their drivers poorly. Also, a serious issue with Uber and its booking system is that it can hoard user data. Are you willing to take the risk? As you order a taxi, you can expect anything. Your experience will be different each time, but a limo service will practice the same perfect etiquette each time, with no unpleasant surprises. It doesn't feel like a lottery anymore.

The waiting time

For most clients, this is the aspect that matters most in selecting which service to go for. Calling a generic taxi can result in plenty of waiting time. Requesting an Uber is bound to guarantee you a ride sooner. However, it's the limo service that takes the prize here. This is because you can make a booking in advance, and the driver will be waiting for you outside before the agreed time has come. It is also possible to make a last-minute booking, which the company will strive to manage as quickly as possible.

Long or short rides?

Uber and its competitors have been deemed as suitable for short rides, whereas a chauffeured car company can take you on long rides: interstate journeys trips to airports, sightseeing and shopping, and so on. This is like having a driver of your own, hired to take you wherever you need and whenever. The price algorithms tend to be different. Everyone knows that Uber or regular cabs can be very costly on long rides. Their luxurious competitors are more affordable since they mostly focus on long journeys and have a different approach.

If you're still inclined to pick Uber, remember one thing: although a ride may seem more advantageous this way, if you book during the rush hour (or any other time which is considered high demand for the company), you will pay extra. Therefore, it isn't always the better option, not even when it comes to short rides if you happen to be on a crowded/often requested route.

Repeated bookings – what's best?

Many clients are returning ones. If you are counted among those who are frequently in need of a taxi, you want to choose the option that makes it easy. A luxury car service best rewards customer loyalty since they cater to their returning clients and offer registered members discounts. Creating a personal account with the chosen company is helpful as you make new bookings and bring some important financial rewards. People who travel often can eliminate all hassle and spend less if they opt for a limo service.

Driver etiquette

It's useless to say you don't care. Everyone cares about how their driver behaves during the ride. They can play obnoxious music on board or talk (sometimes loudly) on their phone. If you happen to be late, they may even get mad at you. This can always happen with your generic taxi. It is all the worse if you have guests with you – it certainly won't make a good impression, not to mention those times when you want a quiet ride. Proper driver etiquette goes a long way and is often a decisive factor. Uber drivers are indeed friendly, but they still do not adhere to a certain code. Only a limo service abides by the high standards we all crave for. Each chauffeur is properly trained and is the embodiment of class, elegance, and good manners. Not only that they know how to behave and stay courteous at all times, but they also have good knowledge of the area and can offer their advice in certain touristic matters.

Additional reasons to book a limo service

We've seen so far that such service is superior through its higher standards, fair pricing, and reliability. We haven't mentioned much about the cars, however. The more varied fleet, the better the service. Each client can choose whichever vehicle suits their purpose, from executive cars to stretch limos and to SUVs and vans – all luxurious, with safe and reliable Wi-Fi onboard and other features that can make one's journey time fruitful. A luxury car service always has a more varied fleet and can accommodate so many different clients.

You can even book a chauffeured party bus or a limo for group rides if you have guests with you or go for a night out with friends. This is the best solution for large groups, no doubt. The Boston Executive Limo Service is prepared for every situation and has a suitable vehicle for each occasion. You can arrange convenient airport pickups, round-trips, and more and benefit from top-notch treatment and uncompromising luxury.